Fun and unique magnetic skeleton puzzles. Halftoys puzzles stimulate the curiosity of your little ones and encourage creativity and learning.

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Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are unconventional building blocks. Designed for children who are curious about the world around them. Build to explore numerous possibilities!

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US - Early Learning Toys

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CozyCreating is an Etsy shop selling embroidery and sewing kit material bags. imooore collaborates to promote some cute sewing kits for children: unicorn, dino and flamingo. Click to check for details.

* Note: only for the United States

  • Super Light Clays

    Very popular among our customers and staff.
    Follow us on ins to see DIY works by our staff!

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  • Paper Puzzles

    If your child is a fan of space or dinos, you may want to check this out!

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  • Montessori Toys

    We offer high-quality wooden toys, which help children learn at an early age, from numbers, letters, shapes to building skills, check to know more.👇

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UK - Learning & Education

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