2nd Round of Toy Tester Program 2021

2nd Round of Toy Tester Program 2021

The second round of the Toy Tester Program has been very successful! We are so grateful to have you. While your little ones enjoy playing with these high-quality Halftoys, your reviews have helped us to improve the products! Here is a great review from our toy tester. We admire those positive and negative reviews sending from our customers. 



We also have great news for you! There are more toy tester programs are coming soon! More than just a wide range of educational wooden toys but also DIY projects and fun jigsaw puzzles. Follow us on social media to be the first one to know our news! Here are some warm moments collected from our Halftoys testers.

And well done for all great inspired DIY home projects! We love those 'homes' your little ones have created for Halftoys. This video is so inspiring and full of love! 



Never stop playing! If you are interested in more fun activities, join our #fundayout challenge! Bring your Halftoys out and do not forget to tag us on social media, ends on 3rd May. We can not wait to see more great ideas.

This is a wonderful time to connect with your children and know how your kids are doing. Try spending the weekend with your kids doing something they enjoy, such as visit a park/ museum, find a playground, walk by the river or explore the canals! 




We are giving the 4 for 3 limited time offer until midnight! Use code: weekendfun to get the Halftoys family home! Take advantage of the amazing deal before it is too late. 

If you are interested in our product, tap the links below to find out more:


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We love these toys and had so much fun with this test. They way they clock together and come apart os grwatbfor helping to develope fine motor skills. My 4 year old plays with these daily

Katie dalley

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