Donation of Toys - imooore Encourages Kids to Learn Through Play

Donation of Toys - imooore Encourages Kids to Learn Through Play

Throwback the event at Dalling Montessori Nursery this year, our project manager Jane visited the nursery school to donate toys to those lovely playful kids! 


What did they do on that sunny day?  

To make this experience fun and educational, they decide to create a home for our dinosaur family. Well, collect natural materials from the yard such as leaves, twigs and stones is the first step. 

After collecting the natural materials, they started to make a sweet ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ for our popular Halftoys dinosaur family.¬†

What did they learn during the DIY experience? 


[Hands-on ability] They learned better when touching than when reading. The dinosaur set for kids allows them to use their visual and touch senses, also known as Kinesthetic learning. The kit engages kids with different dinosaur types and their young ones. 


[Arouses curiosity and patience] It leaves them imagining what it would be like to have the dinosaur in the real world. Learning each type also encourages patience as your little one has to wait to hear about each dinosaur. Also, they have to practice and master the animals’ names, which takes patience.


[Sparkle imagination] Kid’s have a wild imagination, and this set will help spark it to life as they imagine different scenarios. The dinosaur can turn into a friend, a foe, and even a protector of the universe.


[Parent-child interaction] Kids will need teachers' assistance to assemble the kit. This is a perfect time to bond and get to know each other as they learn and explore the dinosaur world.

Also, according to the feedback from Ravenscourt Park Montessori, they said our toy actively encourages children to improve their skills in multiple areas (such as cognition, creativity and language skills). They taught the kids how to play it at the beginning and leave them to play it independently afterward! 

That was a unique and meaningful experience! Furthermore, this month Jane visited another nursery school (Christ The Saviour Primary School) to donate toys for the nursery children!



Those toys will be sent to kids directly and their parents will be giving us feedback. Sharing is caring! That's what imooore cares about.

Every child is different and deserves a unique personal development journey. Toys, as their best childhood friend, play a vital role in their development stages. We believe toys are not just about fun and entertainment - they can be functional, educational, and inspirational. 


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