Fun DIY Toys to Make in the Late Winter

Fun DIY Toys to Make in the Late Winter

Just like seasons come and go, kids lose interest in things pretty fast. More often than not, the toys they enjoyed over Autumn won’t be that interesting to them anymore. 


There is a range of DIY toys that you can engage your kid into making for the late winter period. imooore has quite a lot to offer in terms of ideas and the toys themselves. Let’s look at a few examples.

The DIY Toys You Can Play in the Late Winter

As the seasons change, you can also take advantage of that opportunity to change your kids’ toys by simply doing a DIY for them for each season. To make the experience fun and memorable, you can do the DIY as a family. Here are some ideas to start with;

The first DIY toy you can make is DIY Puzzle Kit &Home Décor Air Vehicle Gift Box. This is an educational toy that provides the kids with loads of fun and creative outlet. The gift box requires you to engage your creativity and thinking skills as you try putting the pieces together. It takes 4 hours to assemble, which improves the builders' concentration and patience. This puzzle kit also helps improve the IQ and logical thinking of the kids.


The second DIY toys can check it out is Wooden Dollhouse Model 3D DIY Puzzle (Balcony Daydreaming) for Kids 14 Years +. This is a perfect DIY project for kids over the age of 12 who love arts and crafts as well as creating stuff from scratch. This wooden model kit helps to build patience and perseverance in children. Throughout the process, kids will also learn the importance of following instructions, critical thinking, creativity, and other hands-on skills like sewing, bonding, modeling, and precision cutting. Once everything is set up, you must connect and hang the lights, which is a lesson in itself. The project is very tasking and calls for teamwork to get it done.


Another DIY you can make in autumn is the DIY Colorful Music Gift Box. It is fun to make, and encourages patience and concentration. However, while making the toy, the kids may need adult supervision which is essential in encouraging interaction between you and your kid. The gift box is made of wood and eco-friendly materials to ensure the safety of your kid. This DIY gift is most suitable for kids who are five years and above.

Last but not least is this Montessori DIY Colorful Tool Workbench. The toy offers the best opportunity to learn about role playing and it boosts creativity and imagination in children. It also provides a way to train the kids' hand muscles and boost their hand-eye coordination as you encourage them to screw and unscrew.

The winter is the best time of the year to enjoy some indoor activities as the weather is windy and you can see least sunshine. As you make these DIYs, you get to bond with the kids and hear their thoughts. At imooore, we have various toys and DIY ideas that you can check out as you look for toys for your children. Discover today! 

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