Long-Lasting Toys for Boys and Girls

Long-Lasting Toys for Boys and Girls

Do you feel like you spend a small fortune every year to buy new toys? Well, you are not alone. Besides getting more costly, today's toys are as fragile as their owners at home. You buy a new one today, and it's broken in a few weeks. That doesn't have to be your life, though. 


1. Colorful Giraffe Toy Trio

This toy is an amazing choice if you are looking for a lasting toy for your son or daughter. It is made of eco-friendly materials and painted with water-based paints. The toy comes as three different parts, and each of them plays a different role in building on the developmental skills of the kids entirely.

The giraffe toys are made with small delicate hands in mind, and it has round edges to prevent any injury while the kids are playing. It would be best to keep an eye on the smaller children, though, as they could swallow the smaller piece.

2. Space Jigsaw paper Puzzles (42 pieces)

This space jigsaw puzzle is an amazing indoor game that promotes teamwork and family bonding. The game helps build on imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills, all while exercising their hand muscles. This toy is best suited for boys, but girls can also play with it. It is made of bright colors, making it the ideal décor piece for your study room. It is also long-lasting and safe for kids thanks to the sustainable material the pieces are made of and smooth edges.

3. Wooden Vehicle Assembly Cars

These vehicle assembly toys are ideal for kids to experiment with as they learn new experiences. It is the best toy to help improve your kid's creativity, imagination, and motor skills. The toys also help children learn about different transportation modes and promote parent-child bonding. It is quite durable as made of wooden parts, which are easy to assemble and take apart. The toy cars come with a wooden frame with holes in them to easily fit the car's body.

4. DIY Colorful Music Gift Box

This durable music box is the ideal toy for your little girl. It comes with 163 pieces that need to be put together for it to work. The music box takes hours to assemble, so it’s an ideal toy to teach your kid independent play.  The box is made of eco-friendly material, making it harmless to your child. It has a beautiful color combination which is best for learning about colors and makes a great decor piece for your kid's room. The music boxes come in different designs giving your child the freedom to choose what they want.


Buying long-lasting toys help you save money and gives your child something to get attached to emotionally. Some kids will grow up, but their connection with their first toy will always be unquestioned. At iMooore, we hope this list helps you make the right decision as you buy toys for your kids. Visit our page for a more in-depth list of other long-lasting toys for boys and girls.

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