The Wooden Doctor Toy Set Soothes Fears, Encourages Play and Aids Development

The Wooden Doctor Toy Set Soothes Fears, Encourages Play and Aids Development

There is nothing more imaginative than playtime with a young child. Playtime, namely, pretend play takes children into new and exciting roles; from superheroes, to role-playing mum or dad, playing shops, flying to the moon, tea-parties and so much more. Pretend play is a crucial part of child development; it furthers cognitive and emotional skills. Using toys like the wooden doctor toy set adds a prop to the play and furthers imagination. The wooden doctor kit toy has the added benefit of, through play, helping children overcome fears and anxieties surrounding doctors and medical treatment. 

What is included in the wooden doctors toy?

The doctors kit toy includes commonly used medical tools like thermometers, needles/injections, ointment, capsules/tablets, liquid medicine, pill boxes and stethoscopes. The doctors kit toy is a traditional, wooden toy set that can be packed away into a medical bag. Its purpose is to entertain, encourage pretend play, and soothe fears of the doctor, whilst keeping baby and the environment protected and safe. 

Wooden Doctor Set Toy

The wooden doctor toy set and development in children

Pretend play is so much more than just play. Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

Through wooden toys, children are developing cognitive skills and problem-solving skills. Moreover, toys can impact future career choices. For example, a child who plays with dolls or stuffed toys is showing interest in people. Playing out social situations with dolls develops social skills and becoming attached to toys like dolls or stuffed animals develops awareness of emotions.

These skills, if nurtured and encouraged could lead children onto a range of career choices. Children who are showing signs of being empathetic, loving, caring through play could, with the right guidance, veer towards careers as doctors.

The wooden doctor toy set and empathy

Pretend play helps children navigate the world around them. They experiment with social norms and their emotional roles. They play out real-life scenarios and begin to understand their place in the world and who they are. 

Toys, like the wooden doctors kit can encourage children to develop empathy, co-operative skills and responsibility. The doctors kit toy can help encourage children to understand other people’s feelings, the importance of giving and help.

Playing the role of doctor and having parents or care givers as patients can teach children through play. They will learn the value of the doctor and appropriate social norms in medical situations. 

wooden doctor set toy

Use play to soothe fears

A visit to the doctor can unveil anxieties in children. There’s fear of a new place, new smells, new people and stranger danger. Without play, the doctor’s practise is completely new and unknown to children.

Through play and by using the wooden doctors toy, children can familiarise themselves with the doctors practise and social norms. Having items like the injection/needle and the stethoscope gives children a tangible understanding of what might take place at their doctors appointment. This is empowering for children, evokes curiosity and soothes anxiety. 

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