Tips for Quality Bonding Time Between Parents and Children

Tips for Quality Bonding Time Between Parents and Children

We all want to have good relationships with our children. But this is something that takes time, which is something that we all struggle with due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. All it all starts with putting in the effort and ensuring you put aside days where you can bond with your child.

Here are some tips for spending quality bonding time with your children so that you can have a great relationship.


Create a Reading Time


If there is one activity that is fantastic for your child’s development, it is reading. This is something that you can do together too and you can spend time bonding over their favourite book. They are going to love looking at the images, as well as you helping them read. Even if you have a busy day, this can be a time that you simply sit down with your child and read a story together.


Listen to Their Stories


We are all guilty of spending too much time on our phones or watching hours of television. Sometimes, we even pretend we are listening to the stories that our children tell us at the same time! This is a bad habit to get into and this could be time that you could be bonding with your child. So, it is time to put your phone down or turn the television off. Make sure that you listen to the stories they tell you and engage with your child. This can be a time that you can turn into fun and strengthen your relationship.


Enjoy Playtime


Playtime is something that all children love. But, do you know what they are going to love more? When you join in with the games. The good news is that there are a lot of fantastic toys out there that encourage group play. For example, you could enjoy the Wooden Bowling Family Game Boxset, which is going to be lots of fun for all of you.


In addition, getting outside when the weather is good is another fantastic way to bond and have fun together. For example, with iDocyke, you can enjoy building a trike or scooter together and then get outside and enjoy it on a family adventure.


Have Dinner as a Family


A lot of families are guilty of eating meals at separate times or not using this time for bonding. This can be due to the draws of technology or it can be because you have a busy schedule. But dinner time is an important time of the day. It is where you can all sit down as a family and spend time interacting with each other. This can be asking the kids about their day at school or simply working on your young child’s vocabulary over a meal. Either way, use this time to bond and have some fun.


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