Top Toys to Play on a Rainy Day in 2021

Top Toys to Play on a Rainy Day in 2021


Are you spending more time at home this year? Often, parents despair when it comes to entertaining their kids. This is particularly true when they are indoors all day. But it does not have to be this way.


In fact, there are plenty of fantastic toys that your children will love and that will keep them entertained. From educational toys for homeschooling to mentally stimulating toys to tire out an active child, we have them all. Here is our top toys 2021 list.


Car Building Blocks & Bricks Kit


Let’s start our top toys 2021 list with the car building blocks and bricks kit. What we love about this toy is that it is going to be challenging for your child to build, requiring them to use logical thinking to connect the pieces together. Once they have finished building their car, they are able to have more fun and ride it. This is going to help your active child burn some energy, as well as helping to improve muscle strength and balance. The car is made from safe ABS materials that are strong and suitable for a child up to 100 pounds.


<img src="builldingtoy.png" alt="buildingtoy"> 



Height-Adjustable Art Double-Sided Easel


Is your child creative? You can encourage them to explore their art skills with this double-sided easel. Your child will be entertained for hours on a rainy day thanks to the chalkboard. They can draw and color, using their imagination and having fun at the same time. Since it is double-sided, two children can draw together or your child can keep one of their creations to show off later.


Magnetic Puzzle Building Blocks


It can be difficult to keep a child amused for a long time. But a toy that a lot of kids love is this magnetic puzzle building blocks set. It is suitable for children over three years old, allowing them to be creative and build tracks with the colorful pieces. There are strong magnets to hold the pieces together while being glue-free. It can also be a teaching moment about magnetic field principles.



<img src="puzzletoy.png" alt="puzzletoy"> 



DIY Puzzle Kit & Home Décor Vitascope


Next up on our top toys 2021 list is this DIY puzzle kit. This is an activity you can enjoy with your child or you can leave them to figure it out on their own. They can challenge their brain and put together the 183 wooden pieces to create a film projector.  What’s more, this DIY puzzle kit doubles as a home décor piece. This means that your child can show off their creation and be proud of their hard work. It can even be played with, with a hand generator to run the motor and to develop a screen light.


Montessori Capital and Lowercase Letters Blocks


If you want to get a head start on your child’s learning, we recommend these letter blocks. You can help your toddler with their cognitive development, showing them the colorful blocks and starting to work on their alphabet and letters. What’s more, your toddler has the opportunity to hold them and build, making them a great educational toy for young ones.


Rainy Day Toys for Kids who Love to Build


If your little ones love to take things apart and build them, our sister company, iDocyke has the perfect toys! The iDocyke is a modular kit that can be customised as you like. One modular kit can build several toys – from seats to scooters and even a go-kart for the child who loves speed! Check it out: 


<img src="carassemblytoy.png" alt="carassemblytoy"> 



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