Toys That Encourage Creativity in Toddlers

Toys That Encourage Creativity in Toddlers

Toys are one of the most significant aspects of a toddler's life. They absolutely love them. They love moving them around, making up stories with them, giving them names, making them talk, cuddling them and bringing them along everywhere they go. It’s no wonder that toys encourage creativity in toddlers.

You know something that your toddler doesn't ‒ that toys aren't just fun, they're also a source of education!

Of all the life skills your child can learn from toys, creativity is one of the most significant. When a child gets creative, it encourages self-expression, confidence, problem-solving and mental and emotional growth.

Provide your toddler with toys that encourage creativity and stimulate their development. Traditional wooden toys make an excellent choice because they provide opportunities for open-ended play. Open-ended toys are those that encourage your child to use their imagination, in contrast to toys that are single-use or operated in a specific way.

Most traditional wooden toys encourage open-ended play, which is great for fostering creativity!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our suggestions below.

Animal Toys

Animal toys are among the best toys that encourage creativity. We have a fantastic selection of animal toys that offer great opportunities for creative play.

Your toddler might like our cute pull-along fox  or pull-along hen, complete with little chicks. Built with a sturdy rope and smooth rolling wheels, these toys are safe and durable, offering endless hours of adventure! Perhaps your toddler will give the animals a name and make up elaborate stories as they explore their surroundings together.

Another great choice is Animal Balance, a toy designed to inspire your child's creativity and develop their fine motor skills. This is a beautifully crafted wooden toy that offers countless possibilities for imaginative play. This toy comes with twelve vibrant wooden animals, a rolling platform and dice. Your toddler can decide how they stack the animals, taking care not to let them tumble!


<img src="blancing toys.png" alt="blancing toys">

Musical Toys

Introducing your child to music at a young age can be a great way to bring out their creativity. In fact, musical toys can help to develop countless skills, including dexterity, logic and emotional expression.

What better way to encourage your toddler's blossoming musical talent than our Wooden Kid's Lion Xylophone? This high-quality wooden toy is simply adorable, and will provide so much enjoyment for your child.

You could also try our amazing Musical Sets toy, complete with castanets, maracas, xylophone, tambourine and even a whistle. These instruments will help hone your toddler's auditory skills as well as fostering self-expression and creativity. Who knows, it could reveal your child's inner musician!


Make-believe has always been a cornerstone of child's play. Toddlers can spend hours lost in the world they have created in their own head, complete with elaborate storylines and characters. Toy animals and dolls can be a great way to encourage young imaginations, and another great choice is a wooden toy set.

Got a case of the sniffles? Get a quick diagnosis with our Wooden Doctor Toy Set! Your little tot will love coming up with imaginary stories with all the different toy medical equipment and cute doctor's bag. And if your home is in need of some DIY, don't look further than our Wooden Tool Workbench. This is a great choice to really get your toddler's creative juices flowing!

Our amazing selection of wooden toy sets includes the delightful Spiral Train Set. Featuring a selection of tracks, an engine, passenger car and scenery, this is the perfect choice to truly let your child's imagination run wild.

Building Toys

There is an extensive range of building toys on the market, but traditional wooden toy blocks are among the best toys that encourage creativity in toddlers.

Our beautifully designed 100-piece Zoo Building Blocks set offers countless possibilities for playtime. The safe and environmentally friendly building blocks come in different colours, shapes and sizes, with interesting symbols and pictures printed in non-toxic, water-based paint.



<img src="zoo building blocks.png" alt="zoo building blocks"> 



Playing with building blocks offers so many exciting possibilities ‒ you might need to fight the urge to get creative yourself!

Will your toddler group colours together or make interesting patterns? Will they build a tall tower, a house or even a zoo? Will they fight the temptation to knock it all over at the end? With wooden toy building blocks, your child's creativity is limitless!

Creativity is incredibly important for growing children, and providing toys is the most effective way you can inspire your child's imagination and help them express themselves. Traditional wooden toys that encourage creativity make a safe and sustainable choice for your toddler's toy box.



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