Toys That your Family Will Love This Autumn

Toys That your Family Will Love This Autumn

If you ask anyone what their favourite time of the year is, they are probably going to say autumn. 


If you want to have fun with your kids this autumn, there are a range of toys you can enjoy from imooore. So, let’s take a closer look at them.


Why Children Love Autumn


There is no doubt that the good weather and autumn vibes are felt by children of all ages. This means that this is a wonderful time of year and an opportunity to have a lot of fun. Parents are able to take holidays from work and this is a time to get outdoors and have fun. For kids, there is a lot to learn and being outside is exciting and something new. A lot of children are naturally curious and the autumn is the perfect time to encourage this.


The Importance of Getting Outside in the Autumn


Naturally, when the weather is good, families want to get outside and have fun. But, there are also a lot of health benefits, which should be why you want your kids to get outdoors. This includes getting vitamin D from the sun. In addition, it is going to be good for your child to get outdoors and exercise. Being stuck at home all day is not only going to cause boredom, but it means that your child is moving around less. When they are outdoors, they are more active. This is great for their health and physical development.


Toys Family Will Love This Autumn


Do you want to get some new toys for the autumn and something that the whole family can have fun with? At iMooore, we have some awesome toys that are going to get everyone smiling and having a blast. So, let’s take a look at some of them.


First of all, we have the Wooden Football Family Game Boxset. This is a social game that is a lot of fun for a family and especially for anyone that loves football.  It is made from wood for durability and you can use it outdoors. What’s more, for young kids, this is a game that can help with finger flexibility, as well as concentration.


Next, we have the Wooden Bowling Family Game Boxset. Again, this is a group game that everybody can have fun with. We like this game since it has a range of benefits for young kids and their learning. For example, it can help with motor skills, learning patience and even help develop your relationship with your child.


Another amazing toy is the Bamboo Build Marble Run Musical Kit. We think that this is a fabulous game for the autumn. With a STEAM theme, your child can work on a range of skills. What’s more, they will love exploring the marble run and listening to the music.


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