Toys to Encourage the Young Artist

Toys to Encourage the Young Artist

Is your child very creative and loves to sit down and make art? Of course, you want to encourage your little ones to follow their passions and realise their interests. You may have a young artist on your hands!


The good news is that there are a lot of toys out there that can encourage creativeness and allow your child to practice their art skills. Here are a few that we love at imooore.


White and Black Foldable Drawing Board


Of course, giving your child a blank canvas to work on is going to get their creativity flowing. In particular, this white and black foldable drawing board can let your little one explore different colours and making different shapes. Since it is foldable, it can be brought with you anywhere. So, they do not have to leave their drawings at home. Both sides of the drawing board are easy to wipe clean at the end of an art session.


DIY Puzzle Kit and Home Décor Owl Clock


Art is about making something out of nothing. This is exactly what your child can do with this DIY owl clock puzzle kit. They can take the pieces and make their very own owl clock. They can show off their art in their bedroom and they will love putting it all together. Your child can show their artistic side and enjoy their creation.


Kids’ Scratch Card Art Kit Funny Animals


Let’s make art even more fun with this scratch card art kit. Your child can have fun with the stylus, scratching away the black matte and discovering the artwork behind it. This includes bright colours and cool patterns. This is a toy that is going boost interest in being creative and allow your child to come up with ideas if they are having trouble drawing on their own. What’s more, they are going to love the animals in this kit.


<img src="scratchpaper.png" alt="scratchpaper"> 


Musical Set


Let’s not forget that music is art too. It takes a lot of talent for musicians to create songs, whether that is writing the lyrics or making the melody. If your child responds well to music, perhaps it is time they are encouraged to make their own. They will be able to do this thanks to a musical set. They can explore the different sounds that can be made on the xylophone, maracas, white, castanets and tambourine. The bright colours can also help to spark their curiosity in music.


3 Storage Boxes Wooden Delux Easel


Drawing is not just for very young kids. It is something that can be enjoyed at any age. Thankfully, there is this wooden deluxe easel available for encouraging your child’s creativity. They can have their own art corner, whether they love drawing or colouring. There is chalk and a dry-erase pen that can be used to make art. What’s more, with storage boxes underneath, your child can keep all of their art supplies tidy at the end of the day and learn how to organise their tools.


<img src="deluxeeasel.png" alt="deluxeeasel">  

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