Wooden Toys vs. Plastic Toys: Why Wooden Toys are Better than Plastic Toys

Wooden Toys vs. Plastic Toys: Why Wooden Toys are Better than Plastic Toys

We might be just a little biased writing a blog about how wooden toys are better than plastic toys, but hear us out on this one. Wooden toys have some obvious benefits compared to plastic toys. For example, they’re more durable, better for the environment and timeless. Less obvious attributes that make wooden toys better than plastic toys include emotional connections and the way in which they fuel creativity in our young ones. So, here it is, the great debate - wooden toys vs. plastic toys: why wooden toys are better than plastic toys.

Wooden toys fuel creativity and imagination

Play, toys and wooden toys go hand-in-hand with imagination. Wooden toys and imagination is particularly poignant.

Traditional wooden toys have a special attribute; unlike plastic toys they don’t take anything away from imagination. Traditional wooden toys tend to have fewer features and colours and this is what gives children ultimate freedom with their imagination.

If you’ve managed to witness the joy of play and childhood creativity, you’ll agree it’s something to encourage.

Wooden toys are better for the environment

When it comes to the environment, the wooden toys vs. plastic toys debate is out. Wooden toys are almost always better for the environment in comparison to plastic toys.

Wooden toys, providing they’re made out of sustainably sourced wood, will last a lifetime, for generations even. When their time has come, they are biodegradable and easily recycled.

Not only are they better for the environment, but they can aid children’s understanding of the world.

Through wooden toys children can be better connected to the natural world. This connection can help develop children’s thought processes to be environmentally conscious as they grow up.

Wooden toys are timeless

Wooden toys are timeless by nature. It’s not uncommon for wooden toys to be passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to their durable nature, they last for years anyway. But also, unlike plastic toys, they tend to be more classic in design, so they never become irrelevant.

For example cars, animals, letters and building blocks make the best traditional wooden toys. Children will be playing with these toys for years to come. Plastic toys, on the other hand, are mass-produced and are often produced in line with the latest trends or TV shows that soon become irrelevant.

 Imooore wooden capital letter puzzle

People build emotional connections with wooden toys

On the same theme as timelessness, wooden toys tend to hold a special place in the hearts of children, parents and the wider family.

Since the wooden toy is timeless, it never loses its value within the family. The timeless value of a wooden toy means that it can be passed down for generations.

With each new owner the wooden toy gathers new stories, which makes it more exciting!

Wooden toys tend to be more durable and safer

The durability of the wooden toy means that it is difficult to break. You’re less likely to find small parts coming away from the toy and with absolutely no electronics it’ll never breakdown.

Three-Section Pull Train

In the name of play children will throw, drop and bash toys, so a durable toy is desirable. With less colour and paint there are fewer toxins too!

A wooden toy can endure the hardship of play and with each new bump it picks up another tale to pass on to new generations.

Wooden toys vs. plastic toys: a summary

Wooden toys offer wonderful benefits that set them apart from plastic toys, but perhaps the truth is that a combination of both can be beneficial for children at different stages of their development.

Toys should be introduced to children in line with developmental milestones to help them grow and learn.

Ultimately, the most important aspect about toys and play is that it's relevant and enjoyable to the child they’re given to.

To evoke play, learning and development in children, they must love their toys.

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Wooden toys offer wonderful benefits that set them apart from plastic toys, First of all he is environmentally friendly


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