Be Our Brand Ambassador


Welcome to register and become our brand ambassador! Each of your recommendation deserves to be appreciated!



Step A, Registration: Log in to register  as our brand ambassador. Please find the entry "Affiliate" in the footers of our website:

Step B-C, Share products & Make purchase: Share our products with your friends or followers using the default referral link in your information centre (website, blog). When your friends purchase through your link, they will get an automatic discount of 20%, and you will get our 15% rewards.


You can also create your own certain product referral link using our marketing tools



Develop your own sub-network with our Network tools in your Dashboard.

 There are two levels in a shared network:

  1. Sub-network level 1: you will get 3% reward.
  2. Sub-network level 2: you will get 2% reward.



Step D, Get Rewards:¬†When your bonus exceedsÔŅ°10, we will pay you through PayPal. Please ensure to provide your correct PayPal information.

There are two ways to get your rewards when the income exceedsÔŅ°10 :

  1. When we find your earnings are overÔŅ°10, we will pay you through PayPal and send you the payment screenshot by email;
  2. You can send us email to, we will pay you through PayPal after verifying and send a copy of payment screenshot to your email address.