Halftoys are one of our hottest toys.
It has long been popular with kids and parents.
Even if you already had one, you'll want to get more.

Here Comes the Good News!
If you want to get more Halftoys, this is the time:

  • 1. Buy one parent Halftoys, get one free baby toy.
  • 2. Buy a whole set of Halftoys at a lower price and get a whole baby set for free.

    💡 Q: What if I don't want to join this offer?
    🎤A: The answer is definitely okay. You can choose to use other discounts on our website. Such as Christmas Sale.

    1. BOGO is not available if other discounts are taken.
    2. If you do not note which baby Halftoys you want, we will randomly send one.

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