Toys Tester Recruitment(Rules)

imooore cares about our product quality as well as our customers' feedback. You have the opportunity to become our product tester. Join many other parents and receive goods that you would like to test. After your application is successful, we will then send you a selection of products to review as they become available over the coming months.



Application: Submit application form by 23:59 14th June;

Selection: Imooore internal judge panel will consider the demographic diversity and select a group of 200 testers in this round;

Confirmation: Successful testers will be receiving an invitation email by 21th June 2021 with the instruction of how to testing product. We will offer a toy worth £10-30 suitable for children age 1.5--12 years old in this round;

Testing and sharing: sharing your little one’s photo or video of playing the toys cross varies social media with the hashtag #imooorekids by 6th July

Feedback:Toy Tester could complete an online review form/survey by 23:59 6th July Upon completion of review, the toy is Toy Tester's to keep.

Scoring and reward: imooore internal judge panel will judge the product review from timeliness, review quality, social media influence, etc. and select the top 10% testers with extra benefit in the future month.

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