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24 Colours Air-Dry Clay Modelling Clay Set in Box

24 Colours Air-Dry Clay Modelling Clay Set in Box

Recommended for Kids 3 Years+

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Foaming powder, pure water, colour paste

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Product Details

1. Easy to use, arbitrary fabrication, non-sticky, ultra-light and resilient
2. Naturally air-dry, no need to prepare an oven or kiln
3. Packaged in the suitcase, convenient for storage and easy to carry
4. Mix a variety of coloured clay if you want more kinds of colors
5. The volume of a colour is the same size as a duck egg
6. Suitable for party and classroom activity
7. Eco-friendly, well-testing standards to assure its perfect quality

Kids are able to knead everything with this super light clay set. Mixing two separate colours to create a third new, or different colour is a wonderful hands-on activity that can help kids learn about basic colours cognition. It’s also great for children to learn the world from the clay molding process, and create colourful clay world with logical thinking. This set is beneficial to cultivate children's imagination, creativity and practical skills.

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Product Details

Weight: 1.313 kg
Dimension: 15*17*22 cm