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Baby Hippo Magnetic Animal Puzzle Toy

Baby Hippo Magnetic Animal Puzzle Toy

Recommended for Kids 3 Years+

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Plastic, magnet

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(Baby Hippo) Assembled magnetic puzzle toy is very cute and mini, so it is suitable for kids. A strong magnetic attraction that makes it easier for kids to assemble and disassemble.

1. This baby hippo toy is smaller than the larger hippo. Unlike the larger one, baby hippo comes with a cradle. Kids can place the baby hippo in the cradle and gently sway it.
2. Click the pieces together to build a baby hippo and explore the body structure of it. In the meantime, kids can learn the colour of baby hippo.
3. When kids assemble this they can experience the joy of working with their hands.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.142 kg
Dimension: 9.5*8*9.5 cm