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Baby T-rex Magnetic 3D Dinosaur Puzzle Toy

Baby T-rex Magnetic 3D Dinosaur Puzzle Toy

Recommended for Kids 3 Years+

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Plastic, magnet

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(Baby T-rex) Assembled magnetic puzzle toy is about dinosaur, so it is a good choice for kids who want to learn about it. A strong magnetic attraction that makes it easier for kids to assemble and disassemble.

1. Accessories include a baby detachable dinosaur toy, a cradle (7 parts), a diaper, and an operation manual to guide kids.
2. This baby t-rex toy is smaller than the larger tricera. Unlike the larger one, baby t-rex comes with a cradle. Kids can place the baby t-rex in the cradle and gently sway it.
3. Click the pieces together to build a baby t-rex and explore the body structure of it. In the meantime, kids can learn the colour and name of baby t-rex.
4. When kids assemble this they can experience the joy of working with their hands.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.132 kg
Dimension: 9.5*8*9.5 cm