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Bubble Science Experiment Deluxe Lab Science Toy

Bubble Science Experiment Deluxe Lab Science Toy

Recommended for Kids 8 Years+

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ABS, coated paper, experimental materials

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1. Hands-on science kit for kids, including 95 unique experiments
2. Go crazy with science, impress your friends and expand your mind🧠
3. Experiments cover life, physical and earth science
4. Learn observation, classification and measuring
5. Features step-by-step guidebook

Cultivate Scientific Thinking: The Bubble Science Experiment Deluxe Lab contains 95 science experiments that ensure your child’s excitement never comes to an end. Every experiment allows the child to go crazy with science and fill their brains with new and exciting concepts. The experiments cover life, physical, and earth science in simple yet memorable situations. By the end of all 95, they will learn critical aspects like observation, classification, and measuring.

Learn through Play: Learning science is hard and sometimes boring, but it doesn’t have to be. This bubble experiment kit has inspired countless children to be interested in learning science and have fun while doing it. This is possible thanks to the exploratory gameplay and simple instructions availed by the kit. Since the experiments look like play, the kids have so much fun they don’t even notice they are learning science. In addition, the kit encourages scientific cognition, logical thinking, and exploration ability.

Accessories: This hands-on science kit for kids comes with all the items and materials you need to conduct the 95 experiments. They include a Measuring cup, 3 Test tubes, Glasses, Stirring rod, Bottle of baking soda, 3 Bottles of pigment, 2 Balloons, Vitamin C tablet, 2 Transparent sheets, Funnel, Flask, Petri dish, Spoon, Plastic dropper, Bottle of citric acid, Bottle of iodophor, Effervescent tablet, 3 PH test papers, and 15 Experiment cards.

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Dimension: 13.5*25*39.3 cm