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DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Kit & Home Décor Marble Run Gift Box

DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Kit & Home Décor Marble Run Gift Box

Recommended for Kids 14 Years+

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Product Details

1. Self-assembly marble run set with big waterwheel lifter and funnel track
2. Comes with 238 parts including gear trains, cams, ratchets and cranks that make the machine move
3. Handcrafted with sturdy plywood and the marbles are made of steel, making it ideal for heavy use
4. The laser-cut wood has a smooth surface to ensure no injuries or harm
5. No glue or tools are required for assembly

This handcrafted wooden DIY puzzle is an engineering marvel that will have your teens engaged for long hours. It comes with elaborate mechanisms and precise gear designs that provide a smooth speed movement for the cogs and wheels. It is a great game to engage the whole family as you build intricate designs. You can assemble the puzzle in various ways to create a marble run full of twists and turns as they race down the slides.

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Product Details

Weight: 1.1 kg
Dimension: 4.8*23.7*31.8 cm