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Mars Exploration Building Blocks

Mars Exploration Building Blocks

Recommended for Kids 6 Years +

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Eco-friendly ABS

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1. Land on Mars, build the habitat and space lander for living and travelling.
2. Carry out various scientific researches & production works in the cabin.
3. Open the door, go to explore the wonders in the small lander capsule through hours of creativity, enrichment and imaginative play.
4. Contains 3 figures, 1 manual and some stickers, 524 pieces in total.

Encourage Exploration: After traveling for almost a year, human astronauts finally arrived on Mars to explore the mysterious planet. This capsule allows your kid to imagine they are real astronauts and encourage them to learn about other planets. In addition, the child will learn new things like exploring, research and aliens.

Learn through Play: Mars Exploration Building Blocks allow your child to learn through play as they assemble the toy. It encourages fine motor skills, exercises reasoning ability and spatial awareness, and stimulates creativity. The kit opens the door to explore the wonders of nature through hours of creativity and imaginative play. Kids also learn to follow instructions step by step to complete the model. In the process, they learn about astronauts, Mars, and other planets in general.

Accessories: The kit contains three human figures, a couple of stickers, one detailed instruction manual, and 524 pieces in total to make the lander capsule. All the pieces are made of environmentally friendly and durable ABS material, which is safe for kids. In addition, the pieces are labeled to correspond with the instructions to make assembly easy for kids.

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Weight: 0.75 kg
Dimension: 40*30*7 cm