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Multifunctional Breathable Observation Barrel, Outdoor Toy Explorer

Multifunctional Breathable Observation Barrel, Outdoor Toy Explorer

Recommended for Kids 3 Years +

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Environmental ABS, anti-corrosion

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Product Details

1. This observation barrel makes it possible for your child to create a micro-world with diverse kinds of species, such as plants, insects, even fish and tadpoles. It is the perfect gift for a curious child who loves to interact with nature.
2. Ergonomically designed for small hands, it allows children to have a 360-degree view of their plants or insects. With 5 times magnification, your children can easily zoom in to observe the beauty of nature. As a result, your children will develop scientific thinking and help enhance their play learning ability.
3. Safe for insects and plants thanks to the small hole on the top of the barrel for ventilation. Thus, the animals and plants will not be deprived of oxygen while inside the observation barrel.

It is ideal for the outdoors. With the hidden handle, your child can carry it outside to share the vivid micro-world with friends. It also makes a perfect decor item in your child's room as a small fish tank.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.62 kg
Dimension: 22.2*22.2*15 cm