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Wooden DIY Puzzle Kit & Home Décor Owl Clock 3D Puzzle

Wooden DIY Puzzle Kit & Home Décor Owl Clock 3D Puzzle

Recommended for Kids 14 Years +

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Wood, metal

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Product Details

1. Not only a puzzle to assemble but a real clock driven by accurate quartz battery powered movement.
2. A desk clock on the front, powered by AA battery and a bell timer on the back, driven by spring.
3. Appealing owl shape and beautiful Roman numerals dial.
4. 3D wooden puzzles with 161 pieces, including an instruction manual, small bolts and nuts, a pendulum, chronograph, laser-cut wood boards
No need for glue or tools to assemble the clock.

The kit is a 3D wood puzzle and the final product is a real working clock, pretty cool. Through the coordination of battery, clockwork, spring, the craft kits drive several gears and pendulum, and realize the functions of clock and pomodoro. It’s a great family project that improves parent-child interaction. Assembling the puzzle will have you and your kids flexing your mental muscles while providing your children an effective way of developing their motor skills.

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Product Details

Weight: 1.4 kg
Dimension: 32.5*23.5*4.5 cm