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Detective Space Jigsaw Puzzles (42 pieces)

Detective Space Jigsaw Puzzles (42 pieces)

Recommended for Kids 3 Years+

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1. Reveal the marvellous space as well as many peculiar creatures
2. Comes with 42 pieces of strong, durable cardboard that fit snugly to form a complete design
3. In the package is a magnifying glass to make the game more adventurous for your little one
4. Fun, bright colors attract little one and pique their interest in puzzles

Through this space paper puzzle, your child will explore space right from the comfort of their room. They build their imagination and develop their creativity through their curiosity about space. Puzzles are also an excellent way for your child to exercise their hands-on ability, logical thinking, and training their image and shape recognition.

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Product Details

Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimension: 5*25*25 cm