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Space Solar System Jigsaw Puzzles(Gift Box 150 pieces)

Space Solar System Jigsaw Puzzles(Gift Box 150 pieces)

Recommended for Kids 5 Years +

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Product Details

1. Introduce the solar planets and stars to your little ones.
2. Makes an excellent visual aid for kindergartens and preschools to learn about space from an early age.
3. Keep kids engaged for hours on end while exercising their brain muscle.
4. Made up of 150 pieces, including 50+ space elements, comes in a beautifully packaged gift box.
5. The pieces are 2.5 mm thick and come in high-quality, environment-friendly material that is easy to clean.

This jigsaw puzzle will help your little one explore space while they piece it together. It will provide lots of entertainment and learning for the whole family. The puzzle is an excellent tool for your child to develop their logical thinking, train their image and shape recognition. It will also build your child’s patience and concentration. Your child will get a sense of achievement from piecing the puzzle together to reveal the complete image of space.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.6 kg
Dimension: 22*22*12 cm