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Wooden Macaron Building Block (100 Pcs)

Wooden Macaron Building Block (100 Pcs)

Recommended for Kid 18 Months +

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1. Versatile: They are the ideal set for a family with kids in different age groups. They come with varying levels of difficulty across different age groups. Help kids understand numbers, the concept of solving mathematical problems, recognizing the alphabet, various animals, shapes, and colors. They also help in boosting language skills.

2. Educational Fun: These intelligence blocks, as the name states, will spark your child’s intelligence. They are perfect for STEAM learning. Your child will learn how to balance the blocks and watch gravity at work. Their concentration will increase as they try to stack the blocks up, and their creative juices will flow as they try and make tons of shapes and designs using the blocks. These intelligence blocks will be a great way to help your child practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

3. Non-toxic and Durable: They are made from sustainable wood and have been sanded and smoothed to make it easy for kids to grab. The high-quality finish ensures smooth rounded edges prevent injuries or harm to the child while playing. The printed numbers, letters, and pictures are thermal printed in an environmentally safe way to ensure kids do not peel them off easily. The blocks are large thus do not present any choking hazard to your little ones.

4. Perfect for group play: They come packaged in a cute bucket with 100 pieces. They make the ultimate toys to play in a group setting or at home with siblings.

5. Ultimate gift for children across all age groups: Children will love them. They are brightly colored, unique and help them explore different things while presenting them with tons of building ideas.

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Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimension: 19*19*25 cm