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Montessori Wooden Counting Stacker

Montessori Wooden Counting Stacker

Recommended for Kids 18 Months +

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Product Details

1. Match by shape and number.
2. Teach kids simple mathematical concepts, including less and more.
3. Learn color and shape cognition, including round, triangle, square, quadrangle, and hexagon.
4. A great educational tool to use in the classroom or for Montessori learning.
5. Accessories: a solid base with five pins for easy stacking, 15 rainbow-colored stacking blocks that come in different shapes.

These geometric blocks will help your child learn maths in a fun and interactive environment. Stacking the blocks will help your child improve their counting as they match the blocks to the corresponding shape and number on the solid base. The activities from this wooden toy, like stacking, will build your little one’s muscles, develop their logical thinking, work on their motor skills and spark their creativity. Your child will also improve their level of concentration when playing with this wooden stacker.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.48 kg
Dimension: 26*13*8 cm