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Wooden Animal Rattle Grab Toy

Wooden Animal Rattle Grab Toy

Recommended for Kids 6 Months +

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Product Details

1. Perfect teething toy to soothe sore gums and learn how to chew
2. Attends to kids’ sense of sight, taste, sound, and mostly touch
3. Produces a gentle, soothing sound when shaken
4. Shaped for babies to grasp and develop their fine motor skills
5. Handcrafted from natural wood and polished with beeswax, making it safe for infants and toddlers
6. Safe, easy to clean, and will last a long time

This unique wooden rattle toy stimulates all your infant’s senses and lights up their brain. It is smooth, warm, and tactile, which appeals to the child’s senses in the best way possible. It helps develop hand-eye coordination as the baby learns to pick and bring the toy to their mouth. These skills will benefit the child as they learn how to hold a pencil and write and feed themselves with a spoon. The wooden animal helps with musical enlightenment and animal cognition if you get different animals.

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Product Details

Weight: 0.175 kg
Dimension: 15.*9*5.5 cm